A puck is another name for a wild elf that has not been humanised, or enslaved.

Pucks have naturally white pearlescent skin that feels like soft fur to touch. They have long white hair that has a texture much like down feathers. Large, storm-grey eyes that can see perfectly in the dark sit between two almost cat-like ears that twitch and move with the sounds around them.

Pucks are inherently scared of humans, and are elusive in nature due to their mistreatment over the years.

A puck does not naturally speak, but have a beautiful song, that sounds like windchimes. They walk on both two and four legs, depending on the task at hand, and eat local fauna in the Greenwood, which they call home.

Pucks, and indeed all elves, are of both genders. This is something they developed in order to sustain their people: pucks can interbreed, and do not suffer ill effects as a result.

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